The process of buying a DAPP/DEFI service or NFT token is still currently very complicated for most users who have no experience with digital wallets or cryptocurrencies.

1 It requires creating accounts:
  • On the NFT exchange,
  • In the digital wallet app,
  • On the cryptocurrency exchange.
2 Linking accounts:
  • The accounts need to be linked together and transfer enough money to redeem the cryptocurrency with which to buy the token.
3 Choosing:
  • The NFT market in which you wish to make a purchase.
  • The digital wallet required to store your purchase.
  • The cryptocurrency you will use for the purchase.
Metaversum’s pioneering solution, involves integrating the DAPP app with the Metaversum Wallet, which will enable the sale of services to customers who do not hold cryptocurrencies by completing the purchase transaction with a traditional credit card.

The complicated process of buying a DAPP/DEFI service or an NFT token can be made easier by reducing it to a single step using a MET wallet.

The Metaversum Wallet will be accessible from your computer or smartphone’s web browser.

Web3 technology ensures wallet compatibility with DAPP applications that are integrated with popular wallets such as Metamask.

Select NFT.
Buy or make an offer.
Select SWK Wallet.
Pay by card, by blik or using your bank account.


DAPP apps only accept payments in cryptocurrencies, never in traditional fiat currency such as PLN, USD, EUR (hereinafter: FIAT).
Payments in digital currencies require complex technical expertise to carry out transactions, which is an overwhelming barrier for the average consumer.
Only less than 1% of the world’s population has crypto wallets.

In the Metaversum solution:

The MET wallet will support any application such as DAPP, DEFI and NFT by seamlessly automatically exchanging FIAT for crypto via background processes.
The MET wallet service will handle direct FIAT-crypto and crypto-FIAT payments.
MET Wallet users will have one-click access to FIAT payments.
The innovative solution will also target business to business (B2B), making cryptographic services available to those in the previously FIAT-only market.
Modern wallet technology in the MET group will enable DAPPs to reach the other 99%!
The MET wallet will enable DAPP applications to increase the reach of their marketing campaigns through global marketing tools such as TV, social media, banners, etc. – today these channels are ineffective for the crypto market.