In October 2021, Valve decided to update its policy on the Steam platform and block all games that were built on blockchain technology.

In response to this move, Metaversum S.A. is planning to launch a state-of-the-art DAPP/DEFI/NFT app store and social networking site within the group: working name ‘Steam for NFT’ or ‘AppStore for DAPPs’.


As part of this project and based on the community, the Company plans to develop a crowdfunding (CF) platform for token-based DAPP/DEFI/NFT projects.


We also foresee cooperation with at least one cryptocurrency exchange on which CF project tokens implemented by the Company will be listed.

Game Publisher

As the Company also plans to produce its own NFT games and work with independent developers to support them as a publisher, the above platform will be the place to release the aforementioned games.
Currently, two of the most popular innovations are spreading in the fintech industry: DAPP (decentralised applications) and DEFI (decentralized finance).

With their ability to maintain robust data privacy and operate without any central authority like banks, DAPPs and DEFIs are considered disruptive technologies that could drastically change the way our financial systems operate.
DAPP in numbers:
Daily number
of active application users
164.4 thousand
Average number of transactions
per day
874.6 thousand
Number of
smart contracts
global sales volume
USD 207.9 million
Global DAPP market forecast
in billions of USD