We focus on creating low-budget games of high production quality, intended for all the most popular digital distribution platforms with a production budget from 150,000 up to 300,000 PLN
This is due to the assessment of competences and efforts to reduce the risk associated with financing a single game.
Due to the organization of the games market, the Company operates on the international market, as the distribution of our games on digital platforms, as a rule, is directed to customers from all over the world.
The company is consistently developing cooperation with entities from the gaming industry and business environment institutions, in Poland and abroad, in order to develop competences for cheaper and more effective creation of new games. We use the most innovative solutions in order to promote the company's brand and games.
Assuming the expansion of operations on the NFT market
we are currently implementing new strategic plans:
NFT games
  • Development of our own NFT games and cooperation with developers being a publisher, while acquiring traditional and crowdfunding financing.
My DAPP wallet
  • A tool aimed at institutional investors interested in crypto assets and tokens.
My DAPP shop
  • Building a platform with DAPP/DEFI/NFT applications and a social networking website, tentatively called "Steam for NFT" or "AppStore for DAPPs".